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Photogenic | Natural Handwritten

byEF Studio
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Photogenic Tail

Product Detail

Photogenic is natural handwritten that suitable for any purpose like wedding invitation, template, headline, branding, logo and so on. It has beautiful inky texture on its letter form. You will get full set of lowercase and uppercase letters, numerals and punctuation, multilingual symbols, lowercase beginning and ending swashes, ligatures and extra swashes.

Inside the file :

  • photogenic OTF/TTF
  • photogenic tail OTF/TTF
  • photogenic WOFF

Note : When you purchase commercial version, you will get 2 font file. Those are “photogenic” and “photogenic tail”. I made it into 2 file to make it easier to use by beginner. Besides, separated file make user can use the font with software which doesn’t accept glyphs.

This is tutorial to use beginning and ending swash : For example, we want to type “photogenic” with beginning and ending swash like a cover preview. To show beginning swash, select “photogenic tail” and type shift+p. You will get letter p with beginning swash. Then, select “photogenic” for normal/reguler letters. Type “hotogeni”. Last, select “photogenic tail” again for ending swash. Type “c” so you will get letter c with ending swash. Finish!

To show swash tt, choose “photogenic tail” file and press “(” for beginning swash, and press “)” for ending swash. *press without quotation mark.

You can use other way to get special character (lowercase beginning and ending swash, ligatures, and extra swashes) by access Character Map for Windows, and Font Book for Mac. Download the guide by click link below, please :


This is information and tutorial how to use ligatures in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word (Windows and Mac), and Corel Draw. For unmentioned software, you can looking for it in other source like Google, Youtube, etc. Download the guide here :



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